JOEYS ROOM (bandar): 0-2 Years

Fee - $121 per day

Our Joeys Room caters children 0-2 years. The learning environment is a safe open space for our Joeys to explore and develop with numerous resources that are carefully selected to engage children in experimenting with language, arts, physical play, independence and expanding curiosity. Each child is respected as a capable learner and the space is set up in ways to promote this.


Running adjacent to the main room, is 2 spacious cot rooms, each vibrant with a sense of calm and relaxed ambience, ensuring children have positive sleep associations while in care. In one of our cot rooms is a comfortable rocking chair, where children can be comforted to sleep and doubles as a inviting space for breastfeeding mums to sit. 

The Joeys Room is largely individualised to your child's needs. We understand the needs between 6 weeks and 2 year olds are vastly different. Our highly trained educators cater to those needs by following a routine that is consistent with your home, including following your child's sleep and meal times. As we believe in building the foundations of partnership from the enrolment process, our educators will communicate with you to get to know your child, their needs, current stages of development, likes/dislikes, comforts and recognising sleep and hunger patterns. To promote a smooth and positive transition from home to preschool, we encourage you to utilise orientating your child to their new environment, with visits to the service in the week leading up to enrolment commencing. 

what to bring

Please ensure all items and belongings are clearly labelled. 


Formula (if applicable) 

Water Bottle 

Milk Bottles (if applicable) 

3 x changes of clothes 

Broad Brim Hat 

One sheet & Blanket 

Any comforters (Dummy etc)


Cows Milk/Soy Milk/Lactose Free 

Morning Tea/ Lunch/ Afternoon Tea 

E-Learning Journey and Documentation 

Nappies/ Wipes/ Creams 


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