POSSUM rOOM (girribil) : 2 - 3 years

Fee - $118 per day 


Our Possum Room, is where children explore new found independence into toddler-hood. Children of this age are ignited to meet new challenges, exploring language and learn best in a stimulating environment. Our qualified Educators help facilitate learning and discovery through interest based activities which encourage investigation and exploration through inviting play based learning. 

In our Possum Room you will find resources which encourage physical skills, mathematics, science, language, community, imaginative play and supports social and emotional wellbeing. 

In our experience, between 2 - 3 years is commonly an age where independence is growing and toilet training often begins. Our educators will be happy to take a collaborative approach, working alongside our family's to assist children in meeting this independent milestone. 

what to bring

Please ensure all items and belongings are clearly labelled. 

Water Bottle 

2 x spare changes of clothes 

Broad Brim Hat 

One sheet & blanket 

Rest time bottle (if required) 

Nappies (if required) 

Rest/Sleep Time Comforters 


what's provided 

Cows Milk/Soy Milk/Lactose Free 

Morning Tea/ Lunch/ Afternoon Tea 

E-Learning Journey and Documentation 



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