echidna room (kunyi): 4 - 5 YEARS 

Fee - $115 per day 


Our Preschool room provides your child with many opportunities to develop the skills that will assist with their transition to Kindergarten. We have a close connection with Gwandalan Public School and have a transition procedure in place. We strongly believe in play based learning and incorporate this into our school readiness program. 

We believe that the most important areas of development for children to gain skills in before entering school are:

 SELF-RELIANCE, CONFIDENCE & POSITIVE SELF-ESTEEM & SOCIAL SKILLS. Our curriculum provides children with opportunities to develop in these areas through a play based learning approach. 

Children will also be provided with opportunities to develop the following skills that we believe are necessary in preparation for "Big School".

- Concentrating on the task at hand 
- Persevering when faced with difficulties

-Responding positively to new situations
-Taking some responsibility for their behaviour

-Developing the communication skills that assist with group and individual play
- Developing positive feelings about themselves and others 

what to bring

Please ensure all items and belongings are clearly labelled. 

Water Bottle 

2 x spare changes of clothes 

Broad Brim Hat 

what's provided 

Cows Milk/Soy Milk/Lactose Free 

Morning Tea/ Lunch/ Afternoon Tea 

E-Learning Journey and Documentation 



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