At Gwandalan Preschool, we value inclusion. We strive to ensure that all children, families, educators, and visitors in our centre feel a sense of belonging and welcome. We embrace and accept all cultures and identities, celebrating our differences to build connections.

We believe that the experience of every child lies at the centre of inclusive practice and attending an early childhood education setting can play a big part in shaping children’s views and understanding of inclusivity.

Our inclusive practices ensure that all children can participate meaningfully in programs that are catered to individual children’s strengths and interests, whereby these are acknowledged and supported.

Our inclusion commitment

Our goal is to build our knowledge, confidence, and the embedment of inclusive practices, with the dedication to promote inclusive learning through every aspect of our service. We believe inclusion aims to value difference, and we will continue to work in recognising and valuing children’s rights and experiences, ensuring that they have access to and participation in every aspect of their learning. In addition, we aim in providing children with opportunities to grow and demonstrate their development.

Our educators are at the forefront of our inclusion work, determined to ensure that all children and families have meaningful access to early learning services, and that our programs are critically reflected upon. We are regularly updated in inclusive practices through engaging in professional development courses, online and face to face workshops, as well as through communication and collaboration with inclusion support services.

areas of focus

  • Children with disability or developmental delay

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children

  • Children in child protection and foster homes.

  • Children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds

  • Children experiencing social, economic, or geographical disadvantage (low SES backgrounds).

Sense of belonging

Inclusivity is the makeup of belonging, which we know is important for all children. Providing children with a sense of belonging is central to shaping who children are and who they will become. We view every child as a unique individual who have different aspirations, needs, and interests. Gwandalan Preschool aims to support both children and families in developing their sense of belonging not only within our service, but within our greater community also.